Peace Building & Reconciliation

  • We mediate land conflicts within/between families and Acholi clans.
  • We conduct dialogues to address conflicts in the context of large-scale investment (‘land grabbing’).
  • We train grassroots leaders in peacebuilding & mediation.
  • We teach youth how to handle conflicts in a non-violent way through debate club activities.
  • We foster the peaceful coexistence of ethnic groups and tribes within Uganda and across the border.

Research & Advocacy

  • We conduct fact-finding missions to understand and resolve land conflicts between investors and communities.
  • We advocate for human rights and the protection of the most vulnerable in cooperation with religious leaders.
  • We collect data on land conflicts & other peace needs across the region.

Human Rights & Good Governance

  • We document, monitor, report human rights violations and refer survivors to seek protection and redress.
  • We establish and train decentralized Parish Justice and Peace Committees to help us document, monitor and prevent human rights violations.
  • We sensitize communities and raise public awareness on crucial peace issues like land rights, early child marriage, GBV and mob justice.
  • We conduct civic education to inform citizens about rights & responsibilities.
  • We monitor, assess & talk about the (in-) adequacy of government programs.